Other Related Development

Koha Lemonjar will not only support the Koha Library System, we will also continue to develop other equipment to support Koha Library System, such as:

  • EM Workstation
  • EM Selfcheck Kiosk
  • Bookdrop
  • EM Security Gate
  • EM & UHF RFID Workstation
  • EM &UHF RFID Kiosk
  • EM &UHF RFID Bookdrop
  • UHF RFID Handheld Reader
  • UHF RFID Tag

The developments of the above items are mainly based on the SIP2 to communicate with KOHA Library System. KOHA Lemonjar would like to expand the technical support to other South East Asia countries and we start the technical services at Malaysia.