Our Team

Lemonjar Software Media Sdn. Bhd is formed by a group of professional engineers, like electrical & electronics engineers, software engineers, system engineers, network engineers and technicians. We also collaborate some of the projects with our local ally companies.

Core Team Members

Jesse Kah Ingland, Marketing / Business Development 

Having a vast connection and marketing skills with end users making her an important marketer in the team. Graduated with Computer Science doesn’t put her to stop in only Multimedia line, but to expanded to many field such as Networking, System, as well as Marketing skills. She is dedicated to fulfilled end user’s requirements with extensive service and reputation. She has took part in some of the successful site of Koha including the Royal Army of Malaysia site, Economic Planning Unit of the State’s library and state Ministry of Finance.

Chong Hean Yoon, Senior Manager

Graduated in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Started with his own business in 2008 has exposed him to bigger vision and service line. He is an experience tech-guy that able to manage, plan, conduct and solve problem for any technical scenery. His concentrate and dedicate character has gain confidence from end-users, at the same time built and esteem Koha Lemonjar supporting team in the Koha service line.



Colin Vitalis, Manager / Project Lead

8 years as Maintenance Engineer, and supporting supervisor force’s team has molded him to become a problem solver expert. His is able to identify the problematic issue in careful and responsive time, itemized and solved the issue in an attentive way.



Sarah Fernandez, Senior Software Engineer

Sarah is graduated in Software Engineering and joins into the Koha team as her first exposed occupation, and stays-on. Along the way, she has been expose to multi platform and programming experiences. She is very dedicated, focus and careful in every finding, bugs-fix error and new program structural development. The end-users like her due to her attentive interpretation giving her as one of the important core team member of all.

Teejay YonealSoftware Engineer

Teejay is a tough and enthusiastic young man. Graduate with Computer Science, majoring in Software, he’s equipped with strong knowledge in Database and programming skills in any system applications and system architectures . With a subtle and careful observation ability, he’s be able to provide good guidance and manifest end user’s need in any systems and application.


Allied Members

  1. Edge Tech Engineering