Digital Repository System Implementation

Lemonjar would like to introduce our new products and services in digital repository system. For your information, we can assist you to setup a digital repository system either on your local premise or using our on cloud server to contain your digital resources, such as article, book, monograph, thesis, patent, artifact, musical composition, performance, image, video, audio, dataset, experiment, teaching resources, report, slide, minutes, notes, agreement, research paper, newspaper cutting, paperwork, ACT and other digital outputs.

This digital repository system will act as a container for you to save your digital copies and metadata it into a central system. The companies or institutions could share the info among the users or members. The system can installed for local access only or for internet access.

We provide 2 types of digital repository systems, which are EPrints and DSpace.



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Same as Koha Implementation, we provide 2 types of implementation: Local Premise Implementation and Repo on SaaS.

For Local Premise Implementation, the library needs to prepare the infra like server/s, network and hosting service by themselves. We will provide the consultation of the server’s specification to the library. Then we will come to the premise to install and configure the system to you.

For Koha on SaaS, we will prepare the infra such as the On Cloud server, hosting services and some cyber security features to the library. You do not need to prepare the infra in this implementation, however the charges will be annually.

We could assist to setup the authentication of Digital Repository System by using your local Active Directory. Normally EPrints and DSpace allow only single LDAP configuration. We could setup multiple LDAP configuration to interconnect your multiple Active Directories.

If you adopt the different Patron Management System, you could export your Patron’s info, we could script to import your patron’s info to the system at the backend.

We could assist to migrate your current digital repository system records and data to EPrints dan DSpace. Please check here for more info.


We have 3 types of Database backup services: local database backup (default), master-slave configuration, database cluster configuration.

We can setup EPrints or DSpace application with HA capability, means you will have your application on more than 1 server, if one of the application servers is down, the other application server/s could still continue to provide the service.

We are able to assist you to implement your EPrints or DSpace in up to 2-Tier and 3-Tier architecture.

We do provide trainings to librarian on how to use EPrints or DSpace.

A test to the performance of your hardware and software configuration towards EPrints or DSpace Application. The test will return the results of the number of requests per second that the system could support and the response time.

A test to the security level of the system to withstand the intrusions. A detailed report will be provided.

A free mobile app to store your library’s systems such as Koha ILS, EPrints and DSpace in a single app. It supports both Android and Apple iOS. Please download from the app store. We modify the app to suit yours.

An external tool to monitor the service of Apache, Database (MySQL or MariaDB), EPrints or DSpace, Server’s Resource and etc. The tool will send email notification to the registered email address once discovered anything unusual (preset parameters).