Lemonjar Technical Support (LTS)

Lemonjar Technical Support (LTS)

Lemonjar Technical Support provide a comprehensive technical support and services to Koha users and libraries, who are using Koha ILS. We can provide the following services to you and your library. We can maintain your current version of Koha, upgrade your Koha, and even customize your Koha. Please browse through the services below for more info.

Maintain of OS Level of Koha ILS System inclusive update security patches which can impact Koha ILS System compatibility.

Maintain the existing cronjobs configuration.

System restores and recovery for Koha ILS system and Koha ILS System related services if system corrupted, include OS, App and DB level.

Upgrade the current version of Koha ILS system to the latest and stable version of Koha ILS system.

Integrate to the Active Directory/s as Single Sign On.

(Mostly for Institution/s) Integrate with Campus Management System in order to allow the student to use the library system once registered under CMS, provide facilitation to library to reduce the step of registration.

Integrate with Library Automation Equipment (such as RFID kiosk and book return) via SIP2.

Configure the sub-module of Book Spine and Barcode printing from Koha ILS with any kind of printer.

Create instance/s for sister library/s.

Integrate with Google Suite account or allowing Gmail account as authentication to the account of Koha ILS system.

Integrate with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) to showing the contents from EBSCO’s database on Koha Interface.

Migrate the bibliography, patron’s info, circulation history, fines and etc to Koha ILS from other library management systems.

We can backup your database to local drive using cronjob. We can build up your database architecture to master-slave or master-master in order to protect your data from losing.

2-Tier or 3-Tier Architecture of Koha ILS System implementation, (Web+App – Database) or (Web – App – Database), to keep your library system services always active.

Setup High Availability (HA) for Application of Koha ILS, means 2 or more application servers at application layer, as long as one of the application servers is on, the service will not be down.

Koha ILS system training from user, administration until IT personnel. We have a training platform called Lemonjar Training Academy (https://academy.lemonjar.com.my), please browse and go through the training sessions that we are providing.

System testing of Stress Test and Penetration Test. Stress test is used to examine the capability of the server and the web configuration to provide service of concurrent users (based on the number of requests per second and the response time). Penetration test is used to examine the configuration of server and Koha ILS system in the aspect of cybersecurity to measure the security level.

Koha iSMS is a new product from our company to deliver the notification/s via SMS with a fixed package from Telco for unlimited SMS.

Koha MyKad Registration is also another new product from our company to register by using MyKad, so patron able to register to Koha ILS system by themselves. We have 2 models: Desktop and Standing Kiosk.

This module is only for Malaysian libraries.

Mobile App Honeydrop to access to Koha, EPrint and DSpace by using a single mobile app. Honeydrop is free to download from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Koha Pay to allow patron to make the payment to the library by using online payment method via online banking, credit/ debit card or e-Wallet by using server from iPay88, Razer, eGHL or FPX.

This system is available for Malaysian libraries only. For other countries, please do contact to us for more info.

Service/ Resource Monitoring Tool is used to monitor the service of the system and the resource of the server by sending email notification, and restart the service/s once the service/s is down.

Please contact to us via sales@lemonjar.com.my if you need these services.

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