Koha Lemonjar Technical Support

Koha is an alternative cost-effective yet comprehensive solution compare to the convention LMS software license that need annum subscription fees. By adapting Koha, end users gets the full privilege module of LMS inclusive of Acquisition, Circulation, Serials, Patron and so on. The most extensive solution is it is open source and license-free! End-users only need to pay for the labor charges for the installation, configuration, and customization (for any) to vendor during the implementation as well as the migration process. Koha ILS is a mature opensource product implementing in many libraries globally. It is also ready to be integrated to the library automation equipment such as workstation, RFID tagging station and etc.

Koha Lemonjar is established to cater the needs to implement Koha to its’ end user, at the same time to provide extensive support after implementation towards the maintenance of Koha.