Koha Lemonjar Services

What is the advantages of Koha Lemonjar services?

  • Provide immediate multilevel support and get the problem solve!
  • Effective and inexpensive service support
  • Software License-free of Koha ILS installation services and proprietary-free
  • Reliable and experiences in solving the system issue
  • Save time and overcome the staffing shortage issue
  • Supportive Koha Community team as backend able to customize for special  needs on Koha

Koha Lemonjar type of services: –

Koha Installation and Implementation | Koha Configuration and Setup

Koha LemonJar is a trained installer for Koha ILS. We offer a complete range of solution on Koha implementation and dedicated environment setup for end users. Our team will setup the operation system and the required environment, and Koha ILS for Staff and OPAC. The entire desired module such as Acquisition, Circulation, Serial, Cataloging and so forth would be bundled-in along with the installation. We will configure the setting of its module according to end user’s requirement. Together in this service, we also included the database backup setup, updates and upgrade installation to Koha ILS software. Within this service, end user could also entrust us for the suitable server procurement as well as hosting option on dedicate server and virtual server.

Data Migration | Data Manipulation

The migration and manipulation of data is one of the most important steps in managing a system. It comprised all the information of the patrons, cataloging of collections, fines, and books acquisition records and required careful handling on it. For every migration process, our team will first check the data accuracy, identifying and manipulating each record for the correct encoding and diacritical display; create/ manipulate the data according to the correct table field to the new database in order to eliminate unnecessary duplication of data and bibliographic records. End user gets to test the system and monitor their data along the migration process, until the successful implementation, delivery and system publish for use.

Koha Expertise and Support

Koha LemonJar focused a lot on our quality of works! We provide, we configure, we maintain, and we deliver our best service to every request. For that reason, many parties have picked our service as their solution provider in Koha. Our technical has been doing Koha since many years ago and they are expert on the system, in and out. For every technical support needed, a dedicated technical personal will be assigned in handling and support on the issue until the problem is solve. With our top rated services provided, we ensure every end user is able to achieve the satisfied solutions from our team!

Koha Capacity Building | Comprehensive Training

Koha ILS is a full-featured enterprise-class of open source ILS. Training is an essential way for end user to get familiar with the system from the aspect of usability and settings. Koha LemonJar offered multi-level of training in order for libraries to build up its capacity and staffs in Koha. The training packages are including Koha Application Training, Koha System Setting and Configuration Training, and also Koha Installation and Setup Training. Each training package has the different outline, duration and charges. Whichever training package.

Koha Customization and Development

There are many rooms available in Koha ILS for advance customization and development purpose. Customization and development are meant for further advancement especially in Perl programming. Customization and development could be varies depending on which Koha modules and advancement of the ILS requested. Every module within Koha can be customized according to users’ needs. OPAC module especially is ready to be customized, such as the interface outlook of the web-base OPAC, spreadsheets, parameters and information display, calendars, event display and etc. Koha LemonJar embraces the ideal
and practice of open source software. For every customization and development that requested, and upon the agreement from end user, it will be published and contribute back to the Koha Community and for public used.

Component Setup with Koha

Koha is a full-featured, enterprise-class Open Source ILS build compare to other ILS in the market. It is the only open source ILS that is able to compete with proprietary ILS as it comply to the available features such as: Web-base OPAC, full MARC21 and UNIMARC support for professional cataloguing, Multilingual and multi-user support, Z39.50 server, comply dual-database design (text, RDBMS, full catalogue, circulation, acquisitions, library stock management, and barcode and RFID SIP2 ready. Koha LemonJar offered the professional service to do special customization and development such as Barcode application that functions with proper barcode setting in Koha, library’s automation equipment for circulation purposes, as well as RFID components such as RFID tags RFID desk reader and handheld reader to connect for data transferring to Koha ILS.

Koha Hosting Service

Koha LemonJar prepared the hosting service for library that required hosting on their Koha ILS. The Koha ILS will be installed in Ubuntu server or Debian server. By adapting this method, end user gets to have data backup both onsite and off-site. At the same time, libraries do not need to maintain the physical server on library itself and it could save cost and time in the same time.

Koha Lemonjar provides three layers of technical supports, which are: –

  1. Online Support – via email, whatsapp, online chat and remote
    software Teamviewer.
  2. By Phone Support.
  3. Onsite Support – Next Business Working Day.