“Honeydrop” mobile app on Apple App Store!

“Honeydrop” mobile app ?on Apple App Store is up and shine! ? ?

The mobile app is designed for end user to access to Koha ILS and EPrints – 2 systems at 1 time! For Koha ILS, front page will required a login authentication to continue. It’s a self-user-experience within Koha. It provide a platform for user to check on own transaction – reading history, borrowing history, browsing history, and self-tag list. ? Aside of that, also enable user to do searching within the library catalogue.

For EPrints, it allow user to do real-time searching for their own repository ?. The permission to download material is up to the system settings of EPrints itself! ?

Android is currently pending for Google approval. However, for those Apple users please check on the app for download via Apple App Store ➠ https://apps.apple.com/pk/app/honeydrop/id1528669162

Attach with little screenshot for reference!

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