Self-Service Book Sterilize Machine

Taking consideration of the current Covid-19 pandemic outbreak circumstances, Libraries are worry to open operation to public. While public too are worry to step into libraries for book circulation process. 😰😰 Because books surface also possible in touch to germs and virus too! 🀒

Lemonjar hereby to introduce the SELF-SERVICE BOOK STERILIZE MACHINE to able to assist to lighten the risk of infection. The BOOK STERILIZE MACHINE is a ‘refrigerator-look-alike’ machine that can be locate at the main library floor, next to entrance or before counter, where public can self-service to Sterilize the books before returning to counters, or even after borrow before bringing out from the library. πŸ‘Β Every action will only take a 30-second ‘Book Shower’ cleaning process. Once complete, users can take out the books and circulate as usual. 😍

Healthy Books! Healthy Body! πŸ’ͺ




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Stay safe and take good care all~ 😷


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