ProV, The eBook Platform and Discovery Service

ProV is an e-book platform which is able to store your own e-book in ePub format and PDF format. The platform is come with onboard reader to allow the Reader to read the e-book in the platform without downloading the content. The platform is come with own developed Digital Right Management module (ProV-DRM) and one-time secret key to allow the registered Reader to read the content and prohibit to download the content.

ProV is also equipped with discovery tools to allow the library physical record (.marcxml) to import to the platform to show the location of the physical copy. So Reader can read the softcopy on this platform and also can borrow the physical copy from the library (if any). The import tools will merge the marc record and the existing e-book record by using ISBN. Such as library catalogue from Koha ILS.

ProV is also equipped with other services such as searching tool, to search the database by using keywords, ISBN or filters. The searching result will be arranged according to the rating, hotness or activeness of the e-book.

ProV platform receive only format ePub and PDF, which is able to support most common e-book readers, such as browsers, iOS, and Android.

ProV provides interactive to Reader to able to read the description of the e-book before add to the cart. Reader is also able to add to wishlist, including Author and Publisher. Reader can recommend the e-book to friends via the social medias.

After adding to the cart, reader can checkout the e-book, then you could read the e-book on “MyLibrary”. Why we need to add to cart and checkout? Because ProV provide a wonderful function to the Reader, which is to allow the Reader to add notes, bookmark and highlight to some interesting content of the e-book (only for ePub format). ProV allow reader to loan the e-book for 14 days or 28 days only. The notes, bookmarks and highlights will be recorded into your account, once you loan again the e-book, you can continue to refer back the info. And you can use any computer or device to log into the platform, then you still can continue to refer back the info. This is one of the powerful function we have in ProV.

Checkout the system functions and features here.

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