Library Self Payment Kiosk


Model: ETE-SP800L

This is the new kiosk developed by the company and it is linkable to the library system via Middleware (SIP2 or NCIP) to pay for the fee and the fine. The patrons able to pay for their fees and fines though the machine without going to the counter, and thus increase the productivity of the library. The librarian just need to collect the money from the machine with the printed reports every day. And the librarian also can generate monthly and yearly reports from the Administrative Module.

General Design and Outlook

  • Dimension measurement: 1700mm (H) x 580mm (W) x 620mm (D)
  • Enclosure: 2.0mm mild steel epoxy powder coat finish (anti-rust)
  • Structure type: Floor standing
  • Appearance: Glossy design with customizable design
  • Acceptable Note and Coin: RM1/5/10/20/50/100, cent 10/20/50
  • Dispensable Note and Coin: RM1/10, cent 10/20

Note: We will design the Appearance of the kiosk according to the desirable/ requirements of the client.


Model: ETE-B700


Dimension (Each Bin): Outer: D700xL600xH800mm, Inner: D650xL550xH550mm