Lemonjar RFID

Lemonjar Software Media is cooperated with Edge Tech Engineering to carry out a project of UHF RFID integrated with KOHA ILS in Year 2015. Both of the companies had invested money and efforts in this project and having an astonishing result, especially the development of firmware and software and the integration with KOHA ILS via SIP2.

This development of the RFID equipment is not only viable to communicate with the library system via SIP2*, it is also able to communicate with the library system via NCIP**.

*SIP2 – Standard Interchange Protocol Version 2

**NCIP – NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol

We have invented our Hybrid Desk ETE-2009H which is combining the UHF RFID technology and Electromagnetic Sensitizer/ Desensitizer. This ETE-2009H is come with SDK software.

Please download this brochure here for more info.

By having this Hybrid Desk, it can be adopted and expanded into other library’s automation equipment, such as: –

  1. Self Check Kiosk – both EM version and Hybrid version
  2. Staff Workstation/ Tagging Station – both EM version and Hybrid version

In this project, we also having our others products such as: –

  1. ETE-EM2009A – Semi Auto Sensitizer/ Desensitizer Machine
    • To arm/ disarm EM strips, and it is compatible for 3M, Checkpoint, Dialog and others universal strips.
  2. Mobile Stock Take Reader

The products above are come with application software including ET SC module, Staff Interaction System (Administration Staff Module) and Client Module. Please download this brochure here for your reference.

In future, we would continue our development and moving forward to IoT, especially the Hybrid Desk ETE-2009H, Self Check Kiosk and Staff Workstation.

The application video below shows the circulation process by using our ETE-2009A and the application software and connected with KOHA ILS via SIP2.

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