LDAP Configuration Single Sign On (SSO)

Lemonjar mLDAP is a scripting to allow Koha ILS to integrate with your multiple Active Directories via LDAP.

If you have tried configuring LDAP in Koha, you have probably realized how complicated it can get. It gets especially complicated when you try and configure it to work with Active Directory. The problem is, no matter how many tutorials or blog posts you read, almost none of them have a solution to your problem. Most LDAP configurations are unique to your organization, which is the real complicating factor when setting up LDAP authentication.

We could choose to: –

  • add new users from LDAP to Koha database
  • update existing users in Koha database
  • to authenticate by binding instead of password comparison, e.g., to use Active Directory

Let’s say you successful to integrate with 1 directory, how about if your library has more than 1 directories? The current version of Koha is only support single directory.

We have the solution to integrate with your multiple Active Directories, more than 1 directories. The mechanism of how the scripting works is as follow: –

Contact to us if you need assistance on this configuration, via sales@lemonjar.com.my.

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