Koha Pay (Koha Online Payment Integration)

We believe that you all know that Koha is equipped with online payment feature using PayPal. But what about using Malaysian most favorite payment services such as: –

  • Online Banking,
  • Credit Card, and
  • eWallet

via payment gateway services like FPX, iPay88 and MOLPay.

Lemonjar Software Media Sdn. Bhd. is now proud to bring to you this online payment integration suitable for Malaysian libraries. This new feature will allow you to accept credit card payments, online banking payments and eWallet payments via the OPAC for fines via our Payment Service Integration.

How to ensure the successful payments is updated to KOHA?

  1. Normally Online Payment Services will provide the payment status to the local payment integration via main response.
  2. What if end user failed to receive the main response such as browser problem and network problem? Don’t worry, because Online Payment Service provide also backend response as backup to ensure the local payment integration receive the payment status response.
  3. Then what if the local payment integration failed to receive both? Don’t worry, and again because you could query the certain payment status from the Online Payment Services.

In conclusion, your money would not lose by using the Online Payment Services.

How to update the successful payment to KOHA?

  1. Every successful payment will be updated to the account via SIP2.
  2. What if SIP2 service is down for the moment? Don’t worry, because we have alternative to update the successful payment via direct database update.

And in conclusion again, your money would not lose by using our Koha Online Payment Integration.

This integration is suitable for any version of Koha. We provide also the hardware, network and hosting consultation to the integration.

Contact us if you are interested about this product, via sales@lemonjar.com.my.

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