Koha Package


✅ Get full Koha ILS modules on Lemonjar prepared infrastructure.
✅ 1-time Koha User Training Plus (3-days) training.
✅ Koha Staff Admin interface
✅ Koha OPAC public interface
✅ URL with secure SSL certificate – https://
✅ Full ready infrastructure on the cloud.
✅ Reliable & trusted hosting company – Exabytes.
✅ Rated 3 for Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical and Telecom hosting.
✅ Compliance to ISO27001 hosting infra


Koha on Cloud (10K,20K,30K)

Having full Koha ILS modules on the shared resource server, with requirement of maximum capacity of functions, secure URL on https and even an email notification account for seamless interaction of library with public on every circulation transaction within library. User also get the Staff Client interface for the staff workspace as well as the OPAC for public-user-experience. Each package (10k, 20k, 30k) having their own design specification able to suit to any entry library to middle range library on various type of library. With affordable annual subscription on the hosting service in exchange for an full capacity of Library System over internet.

Koha on VMWare Cloud

The Koha Integrated Library System (ILS) hosting at the Dedicated VMware virtual machine without sharing the server resources with other application. Users enjoy their dedicated full Koha ILS Modules, and Staff Client interface for staff workspace, with OPAC for public access. The selection of Bronze, Silver and Gold package having their own specification able to fulfil various type of library's needs. The technical spec is able to support 200 up to 600 concurrent user access on Gold package provide a reliable user experience to public on OPAC over the internet.


Koha On Cloud Package


RM 3,588/year

(not including SST 6%)

10,000 records

No limit on patron

Get full Koha Modules

Support 100 concurrent user access

10GB Performance Disk

SSL Certificate, hosted on secure https.

Own subdomain – https://libraryname.e-library.my or own domain.

Email Notification: no-reply@e-library.my (fixed) or own email account.

Lemonjar DB Policy (Default)