Koha Lemonjar Products and Services

Products and Services of Koha Lemonjar in Koha ILS Implementation

Koha Lemonjar would like to introduce our new products and services to libraries. Below are the products and services that Koha Lemonjar could provide to you.

This service is including the installation, basic setting, OPAC customization and basic system testing. We do provide Local Premise Implementation and Koha on SaaS.

We could assist to setup the authentication of Koha by using your local Active Directory. Normally Koha allow only single LDAP configuration. However we could setup multiple LDAP configuration to interconnect your multiple Active Directories.

If you adopt the different Patron Management System, you could export your Patron’s info, we could script to import your patron’s info to the system at the backend.

We could assist to integrate with your automation equipment such as self-check kiosk, book return/ bookdrop and other machines that need integrate to Koha ILS.

We suggest to use a barcode printer to print the book spine and barcode for the items. Consumables of die-cut sticker is used, easy to use and nice.

If you would like to have the library system for your branches or other sister libraries, however you do not want to mix up your catalogue and would like to have their own OPAC design, and would like to stay at the same application server and database server.

If your patron account is managed by Google Suite or allow Google Account to register to your Koha. Then we could assist to configure your system to integrate with Google and using Google account as authentication method.

Koha ILS could integrate with EBSCO EDS.


We could assist to migrate your current library system records and data to Koha ILS, from Virtua, ILMU, VLIB or others. Please check here for more info.

We have 3 types of Database backup services: local database backup (default), master-slave configuration, database cluster configuration.

We are able to assist you to implement your Koha ILS in up to 2-Tier and 3-Tier architecture.

We can setup Koha application with HA capability, means you will have your Koha application on more than 1 server, if one of the application servers is down, the other application server/s could still continue to provide the service.

We do provide trainings to librarian on how to use Koha ILS. We have 3 types of trainings on these basic trainings: Koha ILS User Training, Koha ILS Administration Level 1 Training and Koha ILS User Training Plus.

We do provide higher level trainings, which are Koha ILS Administration Level 2 Training and Koha ILS CSS Customization Training.

A test to the performance of your hardware and software configuration towards Koha Application. The test will return the results of the number of requests per second that the system could support and the response time.

A test to the security level of the system to withstand the intrusions. A detailed report will be provided.

This system is used to deliver SMS from Koha ILS by using GSM terminal and SIM Card. The whole monthly utility cost is much cheaper than you subscribe the SMS package outside.

For Malaysian libraries, we could retrieve your basic info from your MyKad and register you to Koha ILS, the process will also automatically retrieve your IC photo. We make the registration process self-service and user friendly. 

Other than desktop version of Koha MyKad Registration, we do provide a standalone and user-friendly kiosk to provide the service of registration.

A free mobile app to store your library’s systems such as Koha ILS, EPrints and DSpace in a single app. It supports both Android and Apple iOS. Please download from the app store. We modify the app to suit yours.

A Payment Intermediate System for the patron to pay their payment to the library via Koha System. Koha Pay can integrate with local Payment Gateway Providers such as FPX, iPay88 and MOLPay. The providers can offer service of bank transfer, credit/ debit card and e-Wallet.

An external tool to monitor the service of Apache, Database (MySQL or MariaDB), Koha, Server’s Resource and etc. The tool will send email notification to the registered email address once discovered anything unusual (preset parameters).