Koha ILS Implementation

We provide the service to implement Koha Integrated Library System (also abbreviated as ILS) to your library. Once the Koha ILS is installed to your library you will enjoy the full modules from the system. This service is including the installation, basic parameter setting, OPAC customization and basic system testing.

We do provide 2 types of implementations: Local Premise Implementation and Koha on SaaS.

For Koha on SaaS, we will prepare the infra such as the On Cloud server, hosting services and some cyber security features to the library. You do not need to prepare the infra in this implementation, however the charges will be annually. We have 2 types of Koha on SaaS service, which are Koha On Cloud (for small and medium library) and Koha on VMWare Cloud (for enterprise library).

For Local Premise Implementation, the library needs to prepare the infra like server/s, network and hosting service by themselves. We will provide the consultation of the server’s specification to the library. Then we will come to the premise to install and configure the system to you.