Koha iSMS

Now Koha not only able to send email notification, the system also able to send SMS notifications. We developed a system named to send the SMS notification from Koha to the patrons.

The concept of the Koha iSMS is: –

  1. Koha ILS will send the SMS content to iSMS Web Management via http post.
  2. The message will be processed by the iSMS.
  3. Then a GSM module will be used to send the SMS to the patrons.

The implementation needs the following items: –

  • Koha ILS – installed with customized sms module – Local or On Cloud.
  • iSMS Web Management System – On Cloud – subscription based.
  • iSMS Windows program – Local
  • SMS GSM module – Local


  • Can send out SMS using @ local system. Local controllable, to increase the privacy protection during sending notifications.
  • Manage/ Customize SMS notification at Koha ILS (Tools – Notification – SMS), including setting SMS number on Patron module.
  • iSMS Web Management used to record the SMS that are sent out to the end users and able to generate reports.
  • User friendly interface and easy to maintain.

Benefit of Koha iSMS:-

  • Other than receiving notifications via email. We could receive notification via SMS.
  • Spend the one time initial setup cost of software and hardware for local setup.
  • Spend only minimum annual subscription for cloud service.
  • Monthly spend only an unlimited SMS Sim Card Cost. Celcom provided an unlimited SMS plan with a fixed cost of RM188.00 per month.

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