Library Electromagnetic (EM) Products




Model: EM Strip 16


Model: EM Label

The Universal EM strips are fully compatible with 3M, Dialoc and Checkpoint products. The EM strips cater for printed materials as well as CDs/ DVDs. These strips and labels are the latest generation where by each strips are comprises of a twin layer non-ferrite elements.

Features: –

  • CD/ DVD: allows circulating CD & single sided DVD; protects the CD surface from scratches or damage; super-thin strips will not affect CD reading
  • Double layered for enhanced detection
  • Can be armed and disarmed repeatedly, retaining original effectiveness
  • Strips never lose their effectiveness after repeated arming and disarming
  • Archival quality adhesive will not affect library materials.


Model: ETE-EM2009A

EM-Desk (Model: ETE-EM2009A), is an essential equipment for librarians during circulation transaction to sensitized and desensitized (arm and dis-arm manually) the security electromagnetic strip during books’ check-in and check-out processes. It enhances the security watch of books within the library premises in order to avoid theft.

Effective towards range of items includes – Book-check & Media-check Units and other Desensitizer & Re-sensitizer Units.


  • Flexible operation
  • Handheld to meet all operational requirement
  • Perfect function & reliable function
  • Perform book check-in and check-out – security book
  • Electromagnetic that able to arm and dis-arm the EM strip of a book, and able to verify EM label’s status
  • Workable to 3M, Checkpoint, Dialog and etc

Design and Outlook

  • Design in ‘L’ structure for easy operation
  • Demension :
    Outer ‘L’ Chasis= 23cm (H) x 28cm (L) x 37cm (W)
    Internal ‘L’ Chasis = 13cm (H) x 22.5cm (L) x 37cm (W)

Electronic Dashboard Chasis  = 6.5cm (H) x 37cm (W)

  • Voltage: 50 – 60 Hz, 220V (+/- 10%)

Activating power < 60W | De-activating power  < 30W


This EM security gate system is used to detect the EM strips within the books. If the strips of the books are activated, the alarm of the gate will be alerted when the books are passing through the gate. We have few designs of the gates.

Model: ETE-EM-51


Model: ETE-EM-91


Model: ETE-EM-V6

Model: ETE-EM-V8



Model: ETE-WS802EM (EM-only)

Library workstation is one of the essential equipment for every library’s operation. With innovation and ergonomic design from Edge Tech Engineering, the workstation is now ready with both EM and RFID features into a single station for various operations. Library Workstation can be arranged or located at the counter according to one-self orientation habit. It is able to improve the workflow efficiency and increase effectiveness of the daily library operations. There are 3 models of workstation available, which is EM-only, and RFID-only and Hybrid.

  • ETE-WS802EM (EM-only) – use ETE-EM2009A (manual-semi auto) or ETE-EM2010A (fully auto)


Model: ETE-SK360EM (EM-only)

The Selfcheck Kiosk comes with 3 model series: EM-onlyRFID-only (HF or UHF) and Hybrid, is a self-service machine where user can interact with the ILS for circulation activities. Our Selfcheck Kiosk is ready and come with the Selfcheck User Interface, Staff Interaction System (Administration Staff Module) and the Middleware where user can borrow, return and renew books and collection to the library by themselves in an easy and friendly user interface. With the integrated technology comprising of EM and RFID on different models, the Selfcheck Kiosk helps libraries to ease the circulation workload and at the same time to improve the productivity and customer services. In every transaction, the Selfcheck Kiosk will snap the patron’s image automatically for security and accuracy purposes. Every transaction will be stored in the database and providing accuracy and conveniences information to make sure the books and collections are checked out and return correctly. The kiosk will continue to operate and retain every circulation transaction even when system offline*, and will be automatically upload to the ILS when system goes online. The entire activity of the kiosk will be recorded and store into the database for reports & statistics purposes. These records can be generated according to desired hour, day, month or year.

* The ILS must have offline circulation capabilities.

Selfcheck Kiosk EM-only – Selfcheck Kiosk EM-only comes with EM Desk and barcode scanner is suitable for general libraries. User to perform circulation process through the Selfcheck User Interface with the ILS via the Middleware after scanning the accession number and magnetised/ demagnetised books and collections with the built-in EM Desk.

General Design and Outlook

  • Dimension measurement: 1700mm (H) x 520mm (W) x 600mm (D)
  • Kiosk enclosure: 2.0mm mild steel epoxy powder coat finish (anti-rust)
  • Structure type: Floor standing with mobilize-able wheel
  • Appearance: Glossy design with customizable design

Note: We will design the Appearance of the kiosk according to the desirable/ requirements of the client.

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Model: ETE-BC500BDW (Wall Mounted, Barcode only)

Model: ETE-BC505SBD (Mobile Standalone, Barcode only)

We are providing a full solution of bookdrop for library, there are Wall Mounted Bookdrop and Mobile Standalone Bookdrop. This bookdrop is able to operate 24/7 to receive the books from the patrons and it can be linked with the library system via our Middleware (SIP2 or NCIP). These bookdrops can be divided also into RFID model and Barcode model to suit the requirement of the user.

[URIS id=1084]

The Wall Mounted Bookdrop (RFID model and Barcode model) could equipped with single bin or multi-bin (2, 3, 4 and maximum 5). For the model with multi-bin, we are providing Intelligent Sorter Solution to sort out the returned books into particular bin according to the requirement of the library such as “books on hold”. We are using the custom made intelligent bin to protect the books which are dropping into the bin, we called it Intelligent Book Container. The bookdrop system is able to remind the librarian once the bin is full.

[URIS id=1074]

We also providing Mobile Standalone Bookdrop, the bookdrop is having a single bin to collect the books, same bin as the Wall Mounted Bookdrop. Each bin is able to collect 150 – 200 books. The functions of this bookdrop is same as Wall Mounted Bookdrop, except it can only carry single bin. The advantage of having this bookdrop is can place at anywhere and easy for relocation.

General Design and Outlook

  • Enclosure: 2.0mm mild steel epoxy powder coat finish (anti-rust)
  • Structure type: Floor standing and wall-mounted
  • Appearance: Glossy design with customizable design
  • Note: We will design the Appearance of the kiosk according to the desirable/ requirements of the client. 

Bookdrop’s Technical Specification