Create Multi Instances

If you would like to have the library system for your branches or other sister libraries, however you do not want to mixed up your catalogue and would like to have their own OPAC design, and would like to stay at the same application server and database server. We suggest you to create the instances for the libraries.

One you have the instances for the libraries. The systems are stay in the same application and database server. But the library will have the authority to modify the system and OPAC and also the SMTP email on their own. It will save cost a lot.

Benefits: –

    • Use a same server to generate more than one instance (isolated library application).
    • Each libraries have their own library authority to use and modify the system.
    • Can have the OPAC design without affected by the other library.
    • The database is separated between libraries.
    • Save cost on the server preparation.
    • Centralize maintenance on the server/s.

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