Koha to Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (马来西亚浸信会神学院)

We have implemented Koha ILS version 20.11 to Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) and system goes live on 1st September 2021 officially!

This is also consider one of the demanding requirement from end user as there is many circulation rules, framework customization, and report customization that required additional effort on the DB-SQL generation and others. Our team has spent almost 2-months in transferring their data from non MARC21 standard data to the required tag within cataloguing framework. Along the migration and mapping process, there are a lot of changes and customization required by end user, including creating additional sub-tags within the framework, migrating various demand of financial record – fines, membership fees and others related.  Their system architecture were solely 1-tier and cloud-hosting based, directly to production without staging. After the implementation, we provided the full modules training to MBTS library teams. Training took 5 days on User Training and Administration Level 1 training.

One of the biggest breakthrough is Chinese translation of Koha 🌸(华语)🌸! It is limited contribution of Chinese language on version 20.11, but end-user is demanding for full bi-language (Eng + Chi). Lemonjar team is in the midst to translate every inch of the system and soon will contribute to the community.

Besides of the mobile view of initial Koha setup. MBTS get to benefits from our mobile app – Honeydrop available at Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

MBTS Koha OPAC is ready for all seminary’s member with their own login credential via https://library.mbts.org.my/.

Get Lemonjar team as your Koha comprehensive implementer today! Cheers~ 😉