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Lemonjar has expand it service to digitization for libraries, organization and even government department sector. We have both the solution on Digitization ProductRepository System solution and Digitization Service. User’s ‘appetite’ and demand has been increased due to the pandemic nowadays. Due to various lock-down and limitation, we spend more times at home and giving opportunity to raise the reading interest among the society. Almost all of the reference has turn 90% to online. Same as the reading experience trending are changing from physical book reading practice to electronic readings, also what we known as e-Books. More and more material has been starting to be publish to electronic format for easy-reading approach, also for the purpose of conveniences of reading experience. eBook can be achieve by below process:

Physical material first need to be Digitize by scanning process. Range of scanners provided in the market to achieved that. For Lemonjar, we carry the full range of reliable and performance-based scanner named CZUR in Malaysia.

Upon scanning, all the document need to be kept into a repository system for easy access and reference purpose. For those material with OCR features, will be able to achieve full-text-searching result while others will be able to search with the metadata input by staff. Scanning result to eBook will need another round of processing to transform to generic ePub format, then able to be viewed with ePub viewer on tablet or other mobile devices.

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