Koha on SaaS


Koha on SaaS subscription page is up and shine! 🤩 🥳

Get your Koha ILS on our Lemonjar infrastructure over the internet anytime now. Having 2 selection of server choice – Koha On Cloud (sharing server cluster) or Koha VMWare Cloud (dedicated own server), end user can get your choice of annual subscription hosting for your Koha ILS within 48 hours. More choices of package within the server selection, user enjoy the comprehensive Koha ILS on affordable price as low as RM 3,588 per year (Koha on Cloud 10K), RM 4,088 per year (Koha on Cloud 20K) and RM 4,588 per year (Koha on Cloud 30K).

Check our Koha on SaaS via https://www.lemonjar.com.my/index.php/koha-package/ for your selection today! ☺️