Our New RFID Product – UHF RFID Desk (Split)

The UHF RFID Desk (Model No.: ETE-RF3000) is a new product from The Edge System series. It is used to read the accession number of the books and activate/ deactivate the EAS bit. This desk is able to perform circulation transaction: check-in and check-out for books and collection in an effective method (RF method, without scanning using barcode scanner) and it is able to process (borrow, return and renew) several books per transaction (10 books).

In addition, it is also operate as the RFID tagging station, where librarian can perform barcode-to-RFID conversion towards UHF RFID tags. This workstation has been dedicated to build in handling the possible RF frequency interference so each item can be processed precisely in a quick and safe method during every single tagging process. And it should works with UHF RFID security gate system.

Click here to know more about this product! Please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@edgetech.com.my / sales@lemonjar.com.my for any inquiry arise.

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