KOHA ILS Hands-on Training 2019

We are proud to inform that The Perak State Public Library Corporation (PPANPk) in collaboration with Edge Tech Engineering company are intend to organize a series of KOHA Library Management Systems training complete and meet the needs of consumers.This training is able to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the use of the KOHA Library Management System.All of these exercises are “Hands-on” which are:

1. LMS-K-101 – KOHA User Training (2 days) Dedicated for Librarian

2. LMS-K-201 – KOHA Administration (Level 1) Training (2 days) Dedicated for Librarian

3. LMS-K-301 – KOHA Administration (Level 2) Training (1 day) Dedicated for IT

4. LMS-K-302 – KOHA CSS Customization Training (1 day) Dedicated for IT.

The training date will commence in March 2019, and will continue until July 2019, September 2019 and November 2019. To register, do click on the link here for the registration form: Registration Form

Please do not hesitate to email to us or PPANPk for any inquiries.

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