Hybrid Tape

Lemonjar is happy to announce that we are now have Hybrid Tape.

This Hybrid Tape is beyond the traditional strip such as tattle tape and normal universal EM strip because it combines both Universal EM Strip and UHF RFID tag together.

This Hybrid Tape is an economic strip and it is affordable for most of the libraries even though it is combines 2 technologies together. It is very suitable for the library to go for the automation direction using RFID technology and continue using EM Gate as their security gate. It is also reduce the tagging process time as the librarian need only to stick one Hybrid Tape, instead of sticking 2 which is RFID tag and EM strip.

Check out our two new videos of Hybrid Tape testing in our FB page here.

To know more about this Hybrid Tape you can download the brochure here. Cheers!

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