The KOHA Lemonjar and RDA (Resource Description and Access)

Since 2015, Koha already available with RDA.

From the NZ National Library: –

MARC Changes

In order to accomodate records created using RDA, there have been changes to the MARC format. These changes are summarised in the document RDA in MARC which is available at: The changes include the following: –

Three New Fields:

  1. MARC field 336 – Content type: a term and/or code indicating type of content e.g. text, sounds, performed music
  2. MARC field 337 – Media type: a term and/or code showing what kind of general device is need to view a resource e.g. computer, projected, unmediated
  3. MARC field 338 – Carrier type: a term and/or code giving the specific carrier of the content supplied in field 337 e.g. online resource, audio disc

These fields collectively replace the ‘h’ subfield of the MARC 245 (title) field. The ‘h’ subfield currently contains the “general material designation” and is used mainly for non-print or non-textual resources.

RDA Code

MARC field 040 – Cataloguing Source – subfield ‘e’ “Description conventions” – contains a code ‘rda’ for records created using the new rules

Relator terms

Relator terms show the role or relationship between added entries and the item being described. They are already valid in MARC as subfield ‘e’ or ‘4’ of various access fields, however more terms have been added and a new subfield ‘i’ has been added for linking fields (76X-78X)

Other new fields are described in the document referred to above.

Please log into our webopac and administrator site for testing. You may search the keyword “rda” at opac and view the related marc record.

Demo OPAC:

Demo Administration:

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