Convo On Stage Software Demo Video

Convo On Stage is a graduation queue system to assist the universities and colleges to arrange the graduates to receive their honors on the Graduation Day.
This system is using Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID as the basis technology to recognise the identity of the graduates. After scanning each RFID cards, wristband or other equivalent UHF tags, the system will display and speak their names via the screen and PA system. And with no mistake!
This system can be divided into 3 portions, which are Main Unit, Flow Unit and Checker.
Each unit will be installed at separate computers or laptops.

Simple Functions:

  1. Upload graduates name list
  2. Record the pronouncement of the graduates’ name
  3. Assign unique RFID card for each graduate
  4. Read and check card
  5. Display on screen

Convo On Stage System

Convocation Queue System – Display System

Convocation Queue System – Check Unit

Convo Queue System – RFID Card Pairing

Convocation Queue System – Voice Recording

Convocation Queue System – Register Manual

Convo On Stage – Graduates Registration using .csv format

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